Finally found the problem - thanks! It was a custom cursor I didn't even know I had.

Glad it worked out!

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I did exactly what you told me, and it's still screwed up. I'm getting desperate here.

Be sure to delete every single last line of code from the HTML & CSS.
Really, make it completly empty.
Now type something like “updating theme…” save and exit.
And check to see if when you open your blog there is nothing but that text visible. If it does not show immediately try refreshing in a few minutes, tumblr needs some time.
Now go to edit HTML again delete “updating theme…” and paste the entire code of the theme you wish to use. Save and exit.
Again, it might take some time for tumblr to show the result.

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Hi, I installed one of your themes, but now my blog is screwed up. Can you help me fix it?

If you follow the exact steps from the guide here, you can’t go wrong.
Good luck!

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Do we have to ask before using your themes? Or do we just like them? I love your themes by the way :)

There’s no need for asking. Have fun with finding a new theme and thanl you very much for the compliment!

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hi! i'm using your theme #18 but after i customized everything i cant click on the hover links in the menu/sidebar? its like you cant see the mouse to click on the links even though i correctly put in all the link urls and stuff :/

Hi! I’m sorry but I can’t really be of much help when you’re on anon, since I can’t see what you changed.
There might be an invisible div hovering over the sidebar so that might be the problem.
Know that when you alter a theme you take your own responsibility in making or breaking it.

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Is is it possible to put in a background for theme #17, Not in the sidebar but overall? I can't seem to find an option for it anywhere. x.x;

That’s because I haven’t made an option for it.
You’ll have to add a line in the CSS. Find ‘body{' and paste right after the '{' this line: 
background-image: url(‘URL TO YOU IMAGE GOES HERE’);

Good luck!

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I'll use your theme 7 okay?


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Hi! I want to make my theme a multi-fandom theme so I was wondering if I could take the wings and side thing from theme 7 and apply it to the theme I'm working on. I'll credit the wings to you if you'll let me!

Sure, have fun with it! :)

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hi! i'm using a blogroll theme for the first time and i'm trying to use #14.. i was just wondering if there is a way to make the sidebar wider than 60p? i'm trying to make it 170p so my links are centred with the picture above it! thank you so much & sorry if i've changed too much.. your work is really great! (ps you can see what i've tried to do on azarry tumblr com/blogroll)

Hi! You will need to change quite a lot for that.
First you will need to go into the css and find the ‘#sidebar’ part. In that part it says ‘width: 60px’, you will have to change that to whatever width you want it to be.
Then you will need to change the width on the ‘#container’ part, which you can find right above it, with the same amount that you changed the sidebar with.

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Can you put a custom cursor on your themes? If so, how?

Hi anon! This is something that has nothing to do with my themes as it is an extern addition. I advice you to google ‘custom cursor’, ‘custom cursor html’ or ‘custom cursor css’.

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