Hey there! I used Wings (#07) and I truly adore everything about it. Well, almost. The font of the blog title is something very similar to comic sans, and I'm not gonna lie- I don't like comic sans. Is there any way for me to possibly change that in my URL? Thank you!

Hi! The font is absolutely not supposed to look like Comic Sans. Sometimes, when something goes wrong the font may not be found and automatically be replaced by something else, in your case Comic Sans.
The font used is Cinzel Decorative from Google Fonts, which really should load just fine, so I really have no clue what the problem might be.

If you really want to change the font you need to go into the code and find #blogtitle and in that bit change the font-family. Keep in mind that you should always use web safe fonts so that everyone will be able to see them, or a service like Google Fonts or Font-Face (which didn’t seem to work for you so I’d stay with the web safe fonts just to be sure).

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I'm using theme #9 and there isn't a reblog or like button? Did I upload it wrong? I've tried adding the new basic one, but it looks out of place and ew hahah. Also, how do I make the font size of my blog title bigger? When I change the numbers, it still doesn't expand. (Maybe because I changed the font-family?) Thanks uwu

Hmm no, sorry, that theme does not have a reblog button as a link on the theme. But you can always like and reblog a post from the permalink post of a theme.
As for the font size, it should work fine. Changing the font family shouldn’t make any difference with it. It does look bigger than 11px when I go to your blog though.

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I still don't understand how to add a Supernatural theme background and links to my tumblr.

You need to go to your blog (ctrl click on your icon), then on the top right corner there will be a “Edit theme” button, go there.

Now on the top left you will have a link called “Edit HTML”, go there.
Delete every single line in there. To make sure there’s nothing left we’re going to type something like “updating theme…”
Update preview and safe. Exit by clicking on the arrow button to the left. and then on the Exit button on the left.
Now you should only see the “updating theme…” text you just typed in the HTML. If it’s not showing you should just refresh the page until it does (sometimes tumblr needs a little time).

Okay so now we’re going to pick a theme from here. When you’ve found a theme you would like to use you can get the code by clicking the “code” link in the theme’s description. This will take you to where the code is displayed. To select all the code click the most right button out of the three on the top of the code, after all is selected make sure to copy it.

Now go back to your blog, back to the theme editor and click “Edit HTML” again. Delete the “updating theme…” text we just typed and paste the code we’ve just copied from pastebin. Update preview, save and exit again.
Same as before, if it doesn’t immediately show the theme, just refresh until it does.

A simpler version of this can be found in the guide under the part “How to install a theme”.

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I have theme #7 and I had a background image in place on it but something happened now its gone and I've tried to go back into the HTML and replace the image but every time I do, it just changes the background to white. I thought maybe my armature coding skills where the issue so I've looked it up online but they all have the same issue.

Hi! If you want a background image you will have to place the following line in the CSS under the body part: 

background-image: url(“URL TO YOUR IMAGE HERE”);

You can also read more about it here.

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What's a theme

What’s an anon

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hi umm i don't know how themes work yet so i think i messed up or something but i'm using one of your themes but it didn't come out right

It seems your custom cursor is giving some trouble. I recommend removing it for now and reinstalling the theme using the guide.

Good luck with the theme!

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I'm having trouble adding a theme to my tumblr and I'm new to the site and I wanted a Supernatural theme of Crowley, Sam, Dean and Castiel in one, but I don't know how to put up a theme. Can you help me out?

Hey there and welcome to tumblr!

Well I don’t have a theme of all of them at once, but you could start out by just using theme #7 and upgrading it a bit along the way as you get more used to it.
For installing a theme I recommend using the guide I wrote here.

Have a great time on tumblr!

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Hi! I like your themes and they serve as an inspiration for me to create my own. I have a background about HTML that's why I can understand a bit about CSS. I just want to ask if where did you learn creating tumblr themes? Can I have link of your references? Sorry if this is a disgusting newbie question, I hope you can help me, thank you! ☺☺☺

Oh wow thank you so much!
There are definitely no disgusting questions regarding learning about HTML/CSS, especially newbie ones! Ask, ask and ask again, that’s how you learn :)

I already had years of experience when I started out with tumblr themes, but even then they were super messy! It took me some time to get used to tumblr’s themes. Especially the posts part, it just looked so messy to me that I had a really hard time getting through it.

The best thing you can do is roam tumblr for awesome theme makers, and look at their code. It is how I learned HTML in the first place and it is how I still pick up on new things. I did have a basic tutorial for a base code that I used for making my very first theme, but I don’t seem to have it saved on my laptop and I can’t seem to find it anymore :(
I did, however, found this very neat looking blog of which I am very certain will be useful to you here:

I do plan on revamping sandragonthemes, including making a base theme. But as I am very busy now I don’t think it will happen until very late summer this year.

Good luck with learning about tumblr themes and have fun doing so!

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Hi, i know you're busy so no rush to answer this if you don't want to; anyway, I'm using theme #7 and I was wondering if there was a way to put a picture in the corner without it messing up the display of the side bar?

Hi anon! 
I can’t really get a clear image from what you’re saying. From what I get you could mean two things,

1: you could use a static background image on the body, which will not affect other elements at all.

Or 2 (which is probably the more likely of the two): You want a clickable or interactive image (like one of those status bars updates maybe?) image in the corner. In which case, yes that will be a bit harder. You will probably need to position it by hand, and use position:absolute in the CSS.
Play around with that a bit and you should be able to fix it that way.

Good luck!

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Hey, so I've been using theme #7 and I'm absolutely in love with it. The only problem is that I'm in desperate need of a tag search bar. Is there any way I could add one of these to it? I'm pretty code illiterate so I have no idea how to go about this.

Hey! First of all I am super sorry about this waay to late reply. I’ve been busy wrapping up this college year, so for now I am going to give you this link to a super good tutorial, which includes the styling of the search bar.
I hope this will help you along!

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